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Maximize is dedicated to providing professional, goal driven skincare to all. With your time, budget and lifestyle in mind, we've created a menu that ensures there's something for everyone. No more one size fits most. You can mix and match services, book a complimentary consultation, and even create your own facial.

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- Bottom line: You pick, we'll provide -

 We're passionate about making professional skincare accessible to all, so we decided to give you the power. Based on your budget and skin concerns, you can build the treatment that's perfect for you.  Head to THE LAB to start creating your facial today!

Create Your Own Facial

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30 - 60 - 90 minutes

We understand how frustrating acne is, both having it and trying to clear it. We're here for you. Clearer skin starts with a professional, custom facial. 

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Advanced resurfacing treatment

Lira Clinical chemical peels are potent, effective and packed with healing ingredients that minimize downtime. 

An excellent treatment to correct hyperpigmentation, uneven tone, acne, scarring, and fine lines and wrinkles.

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Professional deep cleanse

You can invest in the best products, but if your skin isn't properly cleansed, they can't do their job effectively. A routine professional cleanse can make it all worth it, book yours today!